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Hemingway Food and Walking Tour

The Hemingway in Key West Tour — Meeting Ernest on His Home Turf

If you've read all of Ernest Hemingway's books, you must be a fan — either that or a scholar a student at work on your Ph.D. You may think you know all about what makes him tick, but you haven't experienced him in the flesh, so to speak. For that, you must take the Hemingway in Key West tour. It takes you through the life he adopted and called home for eight creative and rabble-rousing years. So your mission should you choose to accept it, is to find the beautiful Spanish house he bought in 1931, Hint — it's at 907 Whitehead Street, a few blocks over from Duval Street, the main drag lined with bars and restaurants including two Sloppy Joes, both of them, the original, where he had his favorite barstool, and the second one. If you can't find the first, it's because it has a new name, Captain Tony's Saloon.


But don't worry about not going to the right one. Our Hemingway in Key West Tour includes a stop there for a drink in Papa's honor, the name he came to be known as. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. That part of the two-hour Hemingway tour doesn't begin until you've had a chance to absorb the details of his home turf where he rose each morning to pen 500 words before starting his day. 

But don't get too comfortable. This is a moderately-paced walking tour, so we have roughly 1.7 miles of the Key West scene to cover with food stops along the way. So wear your loosest clothes and put on your most comfortable shoes for two hours of the life that characterized Hemingway. We guarantee you'll come away with a deeper insight into Ernest, the man, and perhaps a deeper understanding of why he wrote as he did.

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