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Key West Activities

Taking Sightseeing Tours Can Be An Eye-Opener

One of the advantages of expansive sightseeing tours like ours is that they can serve as springboards to other Key West Activities that are yours for the taking. Although we don't have time to take in all the exciting and educational key points of the city, our tour guides will point out many of their favorites. Other Key West Activities will attract your attention with the number of people milling about their entrance.

Mallory Square

If you are going by crowds alone, you'll likely find yourself at Mallory Square come day's end. But get there at least an hour before sunset, so you can stake out a spot near the pier to take in the spectacle of jugglers, magicians, and street performers competing for your attention... and your spare change. But things will slow to a hushed pause once the star attraction, the sun takes the stage, painting the sky with its pallet of red-orange colors as it exits for the night over the waters to the west. But, if you'll pardon the expression, once the sun sets on this scene, the show will instantaneously resume as hungry spectators zigzag their way through the throng to satisfy their growling stomachs at one of the many restaurants lining the pier.

Exploring the Waters

Fort Zachary Taylor and the Dry Tortugas

If you're a snorkeling devotee, you'll head for Fort Zachary Taylor to explore the coral reefs and the spectacularly vivid schools of fish who wend in and out of them. Or for a more expansive experience, you can hop aboard the Yankee Freedom III, the official ferry that will transport you and your gear over the 70 mesmerizing miles of dancing turquoise waves to the Dry Tortugas. The shallow warm waters here promise hours of exploration whether you're a newbie snorkeler or one with years of experience.


Higgs Park

Those who just want to swim and sun can head to Higgs Beach and its 16.5 acres of oceanfront next to the Casa Marina Resort. Known formally as Clarence S Higgs Memorial Beach Park, it offers pickleball, volleyball, and tennis plus a children's playground, a large well-populated dog park, and a beachfront café. On the serious side, it also holds the African Refugee Burial Grounds and an AIDS memorial.

Key West Aquarium

Those who prefer to stay dry and clothed can check out the Key West Aquarium at Mallory Square. Home to sharks, jellyfish, alligators, sea turtles, and countless other marine life, you can also customize your own virtual tour or dip a gentle hand in the touch tank.

These are but four of the Key West activities you can enjoy. For other suggestions or sightseeing tours, check out the ubiquitous pamphlets in your hotel or guesthouse lobby. Or just ask one of our tour guides.

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