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Hemingway Walking Tour

Our Hemingway Key West Guided Tour Shows You the Tamer Side of Duval Street.

If you've heard Duval Street can be a wild and crazy street, you've heard right but if this doesn't appeal to you, the Duval Street we show you on our Key West Hemingway-oriented walking tours is G-Rated. Yes, we'll pass all the popular venues, but they don't get into the mode of all-out boisterous until after-dark. Well, after happy hour is more like it. So it's safe to bring the kiddies along on our guided tours of the Key West streets Hemingway once walked. But if you're up for a walk on the wild side, our tour can serve as a sneak preview, and you can return at night.


On our guided one hour and 15 minute tour of Key West, you'll also see places of interest like the:

  • Author's first apartment after moving to Key West,

  • Bookstore that carried his books

  • The location of the boat slip where he kept his boat, Pilar

  • The location of the arena where, enamored with boxing, he witnessed bouts and sometimes referred them.

This tour is identical to the Hemingway Food and Walking Tour, only without the food. If you are planning a trip to Key West, and this unique guided tour appeals to you, no need to wait until you get here to book one, you can do so on our website.

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